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Fund Urgent Surgery for Maike

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Maike’s future hangs in the balance. Will you help him make a full recovery from his bicycle accident?

On Nov. 13, 2023, Maike suffered an accident so severe that the local public hospital in Ecuador couldn’t treat his injuries. He was transferred to a private hospital, where surgery saved his life.

But his journey back to a healthy body is far from over. Infection delayed a much-needed follow-up surgery. And the full recovery process could take months.

The first surgery alone cost Maike’s family almost $22,000. That’s overwhelming for a middle-class American family. For Maike’s parents, who survive by growing just enough food for themselves, it’s impossible.

And again, the bills will only continue to mount. Without miraculous financial support, Maike won’t get the medical care he needs to find wholeness and healing.

But because you’re reading this, there’s hope. If 93 generous supporters like you give $475, Maike’s family can afford the $44,047.08 for all their previous medical bills, plus the cost of the upcoming follow-up surgery and subsequent treatments.

It’s a bold ask. But we ask because it’s urgent that Maike gets this support.

Will you help him recover? We’re hoping to fund this project by April 30.



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