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Fund Surgery to Help Joseph Levi Walk*

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More children in our program are waiting for life-altering treatment. Any donations beyond the goal shown here will go to them!

Joseph Levi is a miracle baby if there ever was one. Doctors all told his mother that she would never have a child. And yet 13 years ago, she did!

And after he was born, Joseph Levi faced spina bifida, a club foot, surgeries, checkups and long journeys to hospitals far from his home in rural El Salvador.

But because of the love of his parents and help from Compassion, Joseph Levi has done more than survive — he’s thrived. He’s a dynamic part of the Compassion community in his town and dreams of becoming a computer engineer.

Now, his progress is in danger. His ongoing medical treatment was suspended during the pandemic lockdowns. He’s now reached a tipping point. If he doesn’t get surgery soon, he’ll be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.

 Will you help this young man stay on his two feet?

The procedure is significant. It’s a five-hour surgery on eight parts of his feet. His local Compassion partner church is requesting $20,050.12 to cover the costs.

If 100 generous givers like you donate $200 each to this cause, his family can cover the surgery.

Will you help this young man walk and pursue his God-given purpose?

We’re hoping to fund this project by April 30.


*The photo above isn't of Joseph Levi but rather of another child from his region who has benefitted from similar life-saving care


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