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Build Bathrooms For Children in the Dominican Republic

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Twenty-one church communities in Dominican Republic desperately need bathrooms. Will you help bring sanitation to these communities?

Far from the white beaches and resorts of Punta Cana, children in the Dominican Republic face extreme poverty. In fact, one survey revealed that just 56% of households in rural areas have enclosed latrines.

For reference, a latrine is a hole in the ground. Housed in zinc sheds, these latrines are poorly ventilated. Think Appalachian Trail “bathroom” but in your backyard and with no plumbing.

As you can imagine, children avoid these latrines like the plague. But open defecation is sometimes the only alternative.

And both options leave children vulnerable to diseases like cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid fever and even polio.

That’s why our church partners in rural Dominican Republic are seeking your help.

They plan to build bathrooms for 27 families in their communities. Each bathroom will come with running water to operate a toilet, a sink and a shower. Each family will also receive essential hygiene and sanitation training.

The goal is to completely eliminate open defecation from these families’ lives.

It’s a lofty – and costly – goal. We’re seeking to raise $149,469.33 from givers like you to build these bathrooms. If 600 people read this and each gives $250, we’ll reach our goal.

Will you donate to protect the health of these children and their families for good?

We’re hoping to fund this project by April 30.



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