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Build Bathrooms for Children in Burkina Faso

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Our church partners in Burkina Faso are reporting an urgent need for bathrooms on their campuses. Will you help them protect the children in their care from preventable diseases?

These churches have partnered with Compassion to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. But many lack sufficient bathrooms, and that can hamper them in their mission.

That’s because diseases spread by a lack of hygiene can devastate children in poverty. Illnesses that cause diarrhea can stunt children’s physical and cognitive growth.

And because we believe God calls us to minister to the bodies, minds and voices of children in poverty, we’re working with these churches to protect children from threats to their health and growth.

Fifteen churches have asked for funds to build bathrooms and sinks and to teach their students hygiene practices.

The goal is to build the bathrooms by November 2024. We’re raising $92,870.40 to help these churches protect the children they care for from preventable diseases.

We’re asking each person who sees this to donate $250. Will you help release these children from poverty and some of its most devastating effects in Jesus’ name?

We’re hoping to fund this project by April 30.



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