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Help Children Endangered by Chaos in Haiti

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Violence in Haiti grows worse by the day. Will you equip churches to protect and care for the children most affected?

The situation is grim for the families we serve in Haiti. Gangs have free reign over Port-au-Prince’s streets. So far, the government has struggled to mount a response. And as the chaos grows, the country’s already weak infrastructure is moving towards collapse.

But these reports fail to capture the violence Haitians face daily.

Scan the news, and you’ll discover accounts of violence and looting. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians are internally displaced, fleeing the bloodshed of Port-au-Prince in search of safety.

Gangs have bombed, burned and plundered many areas, including power plants and hospitals. The ports have closed. So have the airports. The families who haven’t fled are afraid to leave their homes to gather supplies.

Our church partners feel the shockwaves. Barring a miracle, they’ll feel them more and more each day as food, water and medical supplies become scarce.

That’s why we’re seeking to raise $150,000 for local churches to provide the most immediate aid.

We believe that in times of crisis, the most powerful and enduring support system is the body of Christ.

And those churches, already ministering to families and children in poverty, need all the resources they can get in this state of emergency. Your gift will provide a pool of funds these churches can pull from as they identify ways to serve and protect those in their care. The needs we’re anticipating are for food, water and temporary shelter.

That said, the crisis is unfolding rapidly. Needs are evolving. We’re listening to churches to get a clearer picture of how we can work with supporters like you to meet this crisis head on.

Will you help us provide the support and relief that these Haitian churches and the children they serve desperately need? We’re asking each supporter to give $250 toward offering this relief to children who need it most.



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