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Give Goats to Families in Rwanda

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Our church partners are working to give 1,120 struggling families livelihoods through the gift of goats.

Recently, our church partners in Rwanda shared a life-changing opportunity to transform their communities. Food insecurity is a constant struggle in Rwanda. Throughout the countryside, most families survive by growing just enough food to stay alive, with none left over to sell or barter for their other needs. And if their crops fail, their stomachs are empty.

In these areas, goats are an economic powerhouse. Bet you didn’t think you’d read that sentence today! But think about it. Goats do it all. They provide milk, cheese, butter, meat and leather. They need less room than cows. And their manure can fertilize crops during droughts.

What’s more, families can also sell all that produce in the marketplace to make a stable income.

That’s why our church partners have developed a strategy to buy and distribute goats in their communities.

We’ll consider this intervention successful if:

-100% of the 1,120 families own a goat for rearing purposes.

-80% of the 1,120 families donate a kid to another family.

-90% of all families have regular, balanced meals.

-85% of families have improved agricultural yield in farms.

As you can imagine, buying 1,120 goats is no small feat. We’re seeking to raise $139,333.00 to invest in these families’ futures. A gift of $124.40 would provide a goat to a family in need.

Will you bless one or more of these families with what they need to consistently feed their children?

We’re hoping to fund this project by April 30.

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