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Install Solar Power in Ugandan Churches

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Six church partners seek stable power sources to continue their ministry.

Power is unstable, expensive and sometimes dangerous in rural Uganda. With no signs of a power grid reaching more remote regions any time soon, Ugandan churches have limited options.

They can either soldier through crippling outages when local power sources go down or use backup generators. And those backup generators? They consume costly — and flammable — fuel that could pose a safety risk for children in attendance.

That’s why they’ve reached out for funds to install solar power.

With power secured, they’ll also have to make fewer trips to get fuel for generators or find electricians to restore power. That means more time and resources to devote towards running life-changing child development programs.

It also means churches can keep computers running in their offices. They can finally securely store child data, record child development milestones and consistently send emails to their country’s Compassion office.

We’re seeking to raise $73,689.33 for these churches, which serve 1,924 children in their local communities.

Will you help these churches establish stable power so they can better serve the children in their care?

We’re hoping to fund this project by April 30.

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