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Be part of the solution.

Over 350 million children live in extreme poverty. Witness the transformative power we bring to these local communities by funding important causes from our frontline church partners.  Join us to make an immediate impact, bringing hope and assistance to communities still in need. 

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Karisse's Story 

As a young boy, Karisse had a self-low-esteem and believed he was worthy of nothing. But when he was registered with the TG0501 Compassion center, he was encouraged to believe in himself and his confidence grew.

"The center staff always cared about me; they were always interested in my life and gave me love. It helped me integrate myself into society. I learned to know people, get along with people, and how to talk to people." - Karisse, 23, Compassion graduate from TG0501 center 

He discovered a passion for computer science and the center gave him the resources to develop his skills. He failed twice his national exam and wanted to give up, but his sponsor's encouragement made him determined to keep studying. Karisse graduated from the Compassion center and established a business start-up with other young graduates. 

"As the center has empowered me to become a computer scientist, I want to create something which can be used in all centers and be a motivation for my younger brothers. When they see that this is done by a Compassion supported child, they can come up with greater innovations." - Karisse

Their computer science company provides training to youth at lower cost in their community - their mission is to help develop the digital skills of all children, especially those who live in poverty and don't succeed. Today a young leader and CEO of his own start-up, Karisse is determined to give other children the same opportunities.