Bringing Hope to Haiti: Building More Than Structures

Join us on September 1, 2021

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On the morning of January 24, southern Haiti was struck with several earthquakes, the largest of which was a 5.3 magnitude quake. These earthquakes are aftershocks from the August 14 earthquake last year (as detailed below), striking the same region and reminding us of that day's ongoing impact. Although we do not expect the loss of life or damage to be the same as that of the August 14 quake, the psychological toll of the aftershock was traumatic. Many memories of the deadly earthquake just months ago were spurred in the minds of children and their families.

In August, a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, destroying the homes of over 12,000 children in the Compassion program. The dust has settled, and the media has moved on from the most recent earthquake to strike Haiti, but Compassion and the Haitian church aren’t leaving. We’re called to rebuild as an act of hope and love. And we are excited to have you join us in the story of God’s restorative work among such a resilient people

Will you join us by fundraising to build one home for one family? All it takes is $1,500 to restore safety and security.

Every dollar you raise will go toward rebuilding Compassion-assisted children’s homes that were destroyed or damaged.

Together, we are going to build homes that last, providing strong materials that meet seismic standards. But you won’t just supply tin and lumber. Funds you raise will help children sleep peacefully at night with the assurance that their homes are stronger than before. You’re providing a place for families to gather and share a meal once again. You are rebuilding hope!

Create your fundraiser in three easy steps!

  1. START your Bringing Hope to Haiti fundraiser now.
  2. SET a goal for how much you would like to raise. We recommend a goal of $1,500 to build one home.
  3. SHARE your fundraiser on social media, and with friends and family.

Every dollar you raise will go toward building a home, like this one in the rendering below, for Compassion children and families. Each one will have a floor area of 13 square meters, built on top of stone and concrete foundations. And while the example below may appear to be a basic shelter, homes like these will give children and their families respite from living in tents and can become a part of permanent homes in the future.

We promise to support your efforts. We will give you tips, resources and encouragement to use your voice in a powerful way.

Together, let’s join God’s story of redeeming the broken places in our world — let’s provide hope for Haiti.