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Sustainable Agriculture Schools

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A school of sustainable agriculture has started in El Salvador!

In July 2023, our church partners in rural El Salvador were seeing an increase in malnutrition among children. Agriculture is the livelihood for half of all families in the rural areas of El Salvador, but the high unemployment rate of 9.1% meant that families needed urgent support to access adequate food.

We asked our supporters to help us fund agricultural training classes, allowing families to gain education focused on growing vegetables and grains, understanding sustainable agricultural practices and giving them essential business knowledge like calculating production costs.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, 160 child participants have benefitted from their parents being enrolled in these classes.

The Sustainable Agricultural School has allowed families to acquire skills for family agricultural production to generate a sustainable income. The families are learning about agricultural markets, marketing their products, setting sales prices and employing methods to reduce costs using organic agriculture.

A tutor in the school, Josué, says:

“I thank God for allowing us to bless the families of our local church by participating in this sustainable agriculture school intervention. Our families live in rural areas, and their livelihood is agricultural activities. They have always had many challenges to be able to produce and to be able to market their products, but thanks to the School of Sustainable Agriculture, they have learned techniques to produce broiler chickens and laying hens, and at the same time they have learned to calculate production costs, market their products and obtain income to be able to provide food for their families.

We hope in God that this can be an opportunity to bring blessing to these families and that they can be prosperous in the name of Jesus.”

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Participating families learn about Agribusiness Administration. Agroindustrial Advisor (standing on the left) instructs participating families on the cost of production of agricultural activities.

An oxygenation system has been added in ponds where tilapia are farmed.