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School Fees In Rwanda

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Students School Fees Paid in Full!

In August 2023, Compassion told our supporters about an urgent need to cover school fees for students. A group of top-performing students in extremely low-income areas of Rwanda were invited to attend schools of excellence and receive an advanced education, but their families could not afford to pay school fees. As the back-to-school season quickly approached, we asked for assistance to ensure every student had the chance to reach their God-given potential.

Because our supporters stepped up to the plate and gave generously, 133 students were enrolled in top schools, with their tuition, books and all school fees covered!

Teachers have reported back to us, saying that students who had their tuition paid for now feel much more secure and confident, knowing they can remain in school. This has boosted their educational performance even more, and they are excelling in their studies.

Many Rwandan schools require caregivers to pay for uniforms, books and sometimes tuition. When these fees go unpaid, students are forced to drop out. But with this intervention, there have been no forced dropouts. One student told us:

"If I had not been given these required school fees, my life wouldn't have been the way it is today. Due to the funding of this intervention, I have been able to be admitted in one of the best boarding schools in Rwanda. I have successfully completed several courses in nursing with good grades because I regularly attended class and sat all my exams without any hindrance. This helped me move to the next class. Nursing has been one of my favorite courses, and I always thought about becoming a nurse in order to help my community and improve the lives of my family. This intervention therefore came as an answer to me. Not only did the intervention help me enroll in the course I dreamed about but also has positively impacted my behaviors. Now I have changed my way of thinking. I no longer consider myself an inferior person who may not achieve anything in life. I have regained my hope."

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A youth development specialist from Compassion meets with two teachers from a local school, making arrangements for tuition, books and other school fees to be fully paid for 133 students.

A student named Aloysie is now attending one of the best boarding schools in Rwanda to study nursing. Here, her teacher is guiding her on how to conduct an experiment in the laboratory.

A student named Aimable is now able to study in a boarding school because of the financial support from this intervention. Here, he can access all his textbooks from the school library.