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Students in Indonesia Urgently Need Your Help to Kickstart Their Apprenticeship

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Compassion students in Indonesia need your help to enroll in a life-changing garment apprenticeship. This is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for, and you’re perfectly positioned to help them seize it.

See, Indonesia is a global leader in the garment industry, ranking in the top 10 for production of textiles and apparel.

All those factories and plants and manufacturers need managers and leaders. And that’s where the Indonesia Garment Training Center, or IGTC, comes in. Run by a social organization called Yayasan Garmen Indonesia, it trains apprentices for a solid year in how the garment industry works, then graduates them directly into middle management positions and above.

That’s right — apprentices have a 100% employment rate in middle management jobs and above. That’s a dream come true for anyone in the world!

And that’s exactly the opportunity that Compassion partner churches seek to offer their graduates from impoverished regions. In fact, they’ve offered this opportunity to seven other successful batches of students who have already graduated from the IGTC. And now they want to send an eighth class.

But the tuition is a costly barrier — the churches seek to provide each of the 13 students with $5,583.80 to attend the program.

These Compassion students are under tremendous pressure to stay home. For many, it’s not just that they can’t afford school. It’s that their family can’t afford to lose an income earner. They simply don’t have the luxury of taking a year off work now so they can earn more later. Every penny counts for these families.

So will you help these Compassion students rewrite their stories and break out of this cycle of poverty? Your giving would transform their families for generations to come. Every bit counts!

Would you donate toward this important opportunity for churches in need?

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