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Provide Urgent Heart Surgery

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More children in our program are waiting for life-altering treatment. Any donations beyond the goal shown here will go to them!

This 6-year-old boy does something no child should — he watches the other kids play because he doesn’t have the strength to join.

That’s because he has a rare heart condition — Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease, to be precise — that makes him get tired far faster than other boys his age. His father, a day laborer earning roughly $36/month in the best of circumstances, escorts him around town instead of working. It’s a dire situation that threatens both the financial stability of the family and his life.

Without heart surgery, he could face lifelong disability or even death.

The Compassion center he attends in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, would love to help. But they simply don’t have the money in their support budget to fund his surgery.

The total cost of the surgery is $31,315.13. That’s an expensive operation for anyone, much less someone earning $432/year. It’s unimaginable pain, watching someone you love suffer while you’re helpless to stop it. Especially when it’s your child.

But here’s the thing — you are not helpless.

There are some burdens that God places on us, even our children, that we can’t remove, try as we might. There are others that God gives so that his glory can be shown through his healing and deliverance.

When Jesus saw the wounded and the sick and the heart-broken, he didn’t stay on the sidelines. It’s almost like he couldn’t help himself — he healed whoever asked, often swearing them to secrecy. The goal wasn’t fame. It was just to deliver a heart from pain and suffering.

If you feel the Spirit leading you and you have resources, give to this family. It doesn’t have to be a lot — every penny counts. Reveal the glory of God to a child and his family by donating to his healing, even though you’ve never met him. Make a difference before it’s too late.

Would you donate toward this important opportunity for a boy in need?

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