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Students in Ghana need your help to launch their educations and careers

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We're hoping to fully fund this project as soon as possible!

The average annual tuition for a college degree in Ghana is $700. That’s less than half of what most Americans spend on dining out in a year.

And yet for many poor families in Ghana, it’s an unattainable goal.

The COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 brought the jobs and incomes of many workers to a halt. They have yet to recover from the years of sickness and lost wages.

The goal of this effort is to cover the majority of tuition, $565, for 116 students selected by Compassion church partners in Ghana.

These are fiercely intelligent students in fields like biochemistry, logistics, pharmaceutical studies, accounting and more. Completing their degrees will make them contenders in the global economy, offering them access to world class careers and incomes.

That’s why local churches help students by providing:

  • Orientation for students’ caregivers that explains the importance of education and encourages them to support their children in this pursuit.
  • Payments for tuition, housing and more.
  • Help securing critical internships.
  • Regular staff visits with students to offer emotional support and prayer.

If you feel led to give towards the $565 we seek to provide each student, remember that any amount makes a difference. Donate now so they can enroll next semester.

Would you donate toward this important opportunity for churches in need?

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