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URGENT: The food shortage in Peru worsening. Act now to protect kids from malnutrition.

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Before the political crisis, Peru was already heading for a food shortage.

But then the protests began, fires burned in the streets and blockades appeared along highways.

That’s when the already expensive food supply dried up in the southern mountain city of Puno.

Partner churches in the region have leapt into action, identifying 1,185 Compassion program students in the region who desperately need food. These children are at risk of the lifelong consequences of malnutrition like stunted brain development. The food you help provide can empower them to avert these catastrophic outcomes.

The situation is unstable and worsening. These children must get the calories they need even while circumstances worsen and restrictions grow tighter.

For this effort, we estimate a total cost of $77 per student. That’s enough to cover one month of milk, lentils, rice, beans and oil. Those are filling, nutritious foods for children who need them most.

Will you protect a child facing turmoil and conflict from having to face malnutrition too?

Would you donate toward this important opportunity for churches in need?

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