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Help students in the Guatemalan Highlands start their own businesses

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We're hoping to fully fund this project as soon as possible!

The department (think of it like a province or state) of Totonicapán isn’t what most people think of when they imagine Central America. Located in the heart of the Guatemalan Highlands, it’s rugged, remote and temperate year-round. Ninety-eight percent of its population is indigenous, and over half live on farms or in rural villages.

And they need your help.

Poverty is the norm — 78% of the population faces poverty, while 35% faces extreme poverty. On average, children attend school for fewer than five years, often because they can’t afford more schooling.

That’s why eight local centers are partnering with Compassion to teach students entrepreneurship skills.

Specifically, they want to teach 50 students between ages 12 and 17 how to start artisanal businesses that create enough income to support their families and even build wealth.

That means providing:

  • A year’s worth of skills training in weaving crafts.
  • The fundamentals of sales and running a business.
  • Supplies like sewing machines, needles, looms and fabrics.
  • Opportunities to sell their wares at a local trade fair.

In total, the start-up cost per student comes to $1,203. The objective is to fully fund every student.

Will you consider donating any amount to bless a student by helping them start a business? Your gift could alter the course of their life and break the cycle of poverty in Jesus’ name.

Would you donate toward this important opportunity for churches in need?

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