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Fund Eye Surgery for 10-Year-Old Boy

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More children in our program are waiting for life-altering treatment. Any donations beyond the goal shown here will go to them!

Help doctors preserve his health and vision.

Recently, a church partner in Tanzania let us know about a 10-year-old boy in Compassion's program who needs urgent eye surgery.

Surgeons have already removed a benign growth from his right eye, but they say further surgery is needed. He still has a blocked tear duct that obstructs his vision and causes ongoing leakage and frequent infections. The surgery is too expensive for his family to afford, and Tanzania has a shortage of facilities and doctors that could help him. So our church partner is asking for your help.

We want to meet this need quickly to relieve this precious child's suffering and improve his vision. Without the operation, he's at risk of permanent disability and recurring infections. Once fully funded, this project will enable our church partner to help the child and his mother get to India for surgery and six weeks of recovery in the hospital there afterward.

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