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Build Bathrooms for Children in Mexico

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We're hoping to fully fund this project as soon as possible!

Protect their dignity, health and safety.

Our church partners in Mexico recently told us of an urgent need to build bathrooms at Compassion centers across their country.

Currently, there aren’t enough sanitary bathroom facilities for the children who attend these Compassion centers. And contaminated water and poor sanitation are related to the spread of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid fever and poliomyelitis. Without safe water and sanitation services, children are at high risk of life-threatening infections.

The lack of sanitary bathrooms also leads some children to relieve themselves in nearby bushes, rivers, lakes and fields. Open defecation threatens dignity, safety, health and well-being, especially for menstruating girls and women.

To protect the health, safety and dignity of the children and youths who attend these centers, this sanitation project has three objectives:

  • To improve access to safe bathrooms for 1,373 Compassion program participants and staff members.
  • To improve the hygiene and sanitation practices of children and teenagers in the program.
  • To reduce diarrheal diseases among participants, protecting their health and ensuring they don’t fall behind in school because of sick days.

We need to fund this urgent request quickly and strategically. Once fully funded, this project will enable our church partners to build safe bathrooms at the five child development centers, ramps for people with limited mobility, handwashing stations and hygiene education for children and their parents.

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