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Build Bathrooms for Families in the Dominican Republic

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We're hoping to fully fund this project as soon as possible!

Build Bathrooms for Families in Desperate Need

Protect their livelihood, health and dignity.

We recently learned from our church partners in the Dominican Republic that 30 participants in Compassion’s program are in dire need of sanitary bathrooms.

These children who attend nine child development centers in the Dominican Republic are among the 21% of Dominicans who lack bathrooms. As a result, our church partners are reporting a high rate of gastrointestinal diseases among children and youths, as well as pollution of soil and water sources. Because they lack proper bathrooms at home, many children resort to open defecation, threatening their safety and dignity. Children forced to go to the bathroom in public places are more vulnerable to predators who would abuse them.

The lack of sanitary environments and water also perpetuates poverty. Illnesses keep children out of school, threatening their education — a key path out of poverty. Parents lose wages when they’re unable to work because of their children’s or their own illnesses. And medical costs from treating serious illnesses only increase families’ poverty.

To protect the health, dignity and livelihood of children and their families, we need to meet this urgent request quickly and strategically. Once fully funded, this project will provide adequate bathrooms with toilets and sinks at the homes of 30 children in Compassion’s program. The churches will also educate the children and their families about hygiene and sanitation with the goal of reducing illness and open defecation.

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