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Generate Livestock Income for Families in Ghana

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We're hoping to fully fund this project as soon as possible!

Provide livestock and business training to families in desperate need.

Recently, our local church partners in Ghana let us know about an urgent need to provide livestock and farming training to families of children in Compassion’s program.

Families of children in the Breman area of Ghana have been hit hard by an economic crisis after the COVID-19 pandemic, climate shocks and the global food crisis, which has put 345 million people at risk of acute food insecurity. For these farming communities in Ghana, livestock is livelihood. But disease and starvation have reduced these livestock herds, which they rely on for food and income.

We want to immediately protect children from malnutrition while empowering families with ongoing sources of income and food. Once this project is fully funded, our church partners will help 150 caregivers of children in Compassion’s program restore and improve their livestock farming. They will do this by providing:

  • Training in business and financial management skills.
  • Training in improved animal husbandry practices.
  • Material and startup support for successful small-scale livestock production.

As their livestock increase, so will their well-being and income, enabling these families to care for and feed their children.

Would you donate toward this life-changing opportunity for families to raise livestock and generate an income?

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