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Provide Goats and Chickens to Needy Families

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We're hoping to fully fund this project as soon as possible!

Help restore families’ livelihood.

Our church partners in Ethiopia recently told us of an urgent request to provide goats, chickens and sheep to families in need.

Prolonged drought has been crippling the lowland regions of Ethiopia, where families rely on agriculture for survival. Ongoing conflicts in parts of the country are also affecting families’ livelihoods, making it difficult for parents to even feed their children.

So our Ethiopian church partners have come up with a strategic plan to improve the livelihoods of families in the Oromia, Harari and Afar regions. They will equip households of Compassion participants to improve their farms by giving them:

  • Vegetable seeds.
  • Goats, chickens and sheep.
  • Small-business funding.
  • Ongoing support.

To protect these families from malnutrition and further sinking into poverty, we need to meet this request quickly. Once the project is fully funded, our partners will give these farmers the resources they need to weather the crisis and thrive on the other side.

Would you donate towards giving these families the goats, sheep and chickens they need to avert hunger?

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