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Save Julie Pearl from Fatal Cancer

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Only costly surgery will save Julie’s life. Will you come to her aid?

I’m writing to you today because Julie Pearl is rolling the dice with her life. She’s fighting osteosarcoma, a slow-moving bone cancer. Right now, the cancer is in her lower right leg.

If it spreads through her body, she will likely die within the next five years.

The only solution for osteosarcoma is amputation. It’s not a choice that Julie Pearl or her parents want to make. But it’s a choice between her leg and her life. They’re choosing her life.

There’s just one problem—money.

Julie Pearl has two sisters. Her parents, Susana and Julito, have incomes that barely support their daily needs. Even though the doctor waived all his fees, the family can’t afford the procedure.

We’re seeking to raise $14,164 to save this child’s life.

That means if 100 people like you each donate $141.64, Julie Pearl will live.

Julie Pearl’s road will be long. Amputation is hard physically and emotionally. It leaves scars that everyone can see. But children are resilient, especially with the help of family and community. There’s hope for her after her operation to find health, healing and wholeness.

Will you give Julie Pearl the chance to live a full and healthy life after her cancer?



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