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Relieve Oppressed Youth in El Salvador

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Give food, counseling and justice to children impacted by the loss of civil rights.

Many in El Salvador have lost their constitutional rights in response to a wave of gang violence that swept the country.

The crackdown has been effective but damaging. Overnight, every man, woman and child in the country lost their rights. No more fair trials or the right to remain silent. An anonymous tip is all that’s needed to send you to prison for the foreseeable future.

And send people to prison they have. Seven percent of the male population aged 14 to 29 have been imprisoned with no trial.

Granted, the measures have worked. Murders in El Salvador are down. But the cost for innocent families stripped of their rights is high.

Children are seeing their parents and older siblings wrongly imprisoned. Their incomes dry up. They face greater risk of food insecurity, abuse and mental health struggles.

That’s why our church partners in El Salvador are providing support to these families.

Innocent victims will receive three food packages over six months. Each package costs $60 and comes with basic food and hygiene products. It’s much needed as many of these families have lost breadwinners.

Skilled counselors and psychologists will care for each participant. Pastors and local Compassion staff will also offer spiritual support and guidance.

They’re also paying up to $3,000 of legal fees for young people wrongly arrested. The goal is to help these impoverished families get justice for their innocent children.

To qualify for legal aid, the young people must have a record of:

  • Church attendance.
  • Employment or school attendance.
  • No criminal record.
  • No gang activity or gang ties.

And each family will join in a small business start-up program. The sooner these families resume earning money, the better!

All told, the project will cost $193,523. With 1,328 participants in 332 families, the cost to support a child comes out to $179.48.

Will you help one of these young people facing the loss of their rights and livelihoods?



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