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Build Bathrooms for Guatemalan Churches

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5,313 children need hygienic bathrooms at their local church. Will you help them?

Most Compassion partner churches build their own bathrooms. We provide educational and spiritual programs, they provide the facilities.

But not every church partner has the resources they need to build a bathroom.

It’s especially true in the most impoverished and remote areas where we work. In Guatemala, latrines are the norm. These are simple holes in the ground without clean water or soap for washing hands.

That’s why 23 church partners in Guatemala are seeking your help. They’re still reeling from the economic damage of the pandemic and desperately need resources to provide hygiene to their children.

We’re seeking to raise $98,277 for these churches in need. Your donation will help churches build:

  • 80 toilets.
  • 66 sinks.
  • 1 water collector.

But above all, you’ll help churches protect 5,313 children from disease. It’s a powerful gospel witness as these churches seek to be the hands and feet of Christ in their communities.

Will you help these churches protect their children? If just 50 donors like you give $85.45, one church will have the facilities it needs to keep releasing children from poverty.



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