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Give Livestock to Families in Bangladesh

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Help families at risk of poverty create stable incomes.

The pandemic caused upheaval for the poor in Bangladesh. It caused millions to lose their jobs and enter poverty. And those who were already in poverty became even poorer.

And even those above the poverty line face inflation and the threat of natural disaster. They’re teetering on the edge of economic ruin.

Our Frontline Church Partners (FCPs) have noticed the impact on children. Almost 4,000 children in Compassion programs are malnourished. It’s not by choice. Their parents can’t afford nutritious food. And children face potentially lifelong consequences like physical, mental and emotional stunting.

That’s why FCPs are providing families with livestock, goats and poultry.

Years of experience have taught us that livestock, goats and poultry can transform the futures of impoverished families. With the right skills, families can use these assets to feed their families, generate compost and generate income.

Families in the program will receive skill training from FCPs, followed by receiving actual livestock.

The whole program costs $135,947.53. We estimate it will change the lives of 304 people, ranging from parents to children.

It’s a lofty goal, and we’ll need your help to reach it. Will you give a gift to change these families’ lives?



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