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URGENT: Help Prevent Dengue Fever in Colombian Children

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More children in our program are waiting for life-altering assistance. Any donations beyond the goal shown here will go to them!

Mosquito-borne illnesses are preventable and treatable. Yet they're threatening children in Colombia. 

Our church partners tell us the situation is dire. As of October 2023, there had been 91,563 cases of dengue fever in Colombia with more on the way.

Dengue symptoms range from fever to death. Severity increases with repeat infections and lack of access to healthcare. Of the 91,563 cases reported this year, over 1,200 have been severe.

But here’s the thing — dengue is preventable. Like most mosquito-borne illnesses, destroying breeding grounds and using nets and insecticides stops the infection from spreading through the region. There are whole swaths of the world where mosquito-borne illnesses are a thing of the past.

That’s why our partner churches are delivering prevention to families in need. But they need your help to do it.

Their goal is to provide bed nets to protect children from dengue as they sleep. They’ll also teach families hygiene practices and offer insecticides to keep mosquitos away from the home.

The consequences of not receiving these interventions could be severe. Infected children can face dangerous hemorrhaging and fever and the possibility of even more serious reinfection.

Will you donate and save lives?



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