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Offer Biblical Sex Ed in Burkina Faso

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Will you provide Africa's neediest youth with Bible-based sex education?

The consequences of sex outside of marriage in Burkina Faso can be deadly. That’s because its young people face both the risk of HIV/AIDS and social shunning for pregnancy outside of marriage.

But it’s not stopping young people from having sex outside of marriage. According to the Guttmacher institute, 27% of girls and 22% of boys aged 12 to 19 in Burkina Faso reported having had sex.

To make matters worse, sex is a taboo topic in Burkina Faso. Sex education, Christian or otherwise, is deemed unacceptable.

Even our Frontline Church Partners (FCPs) report an average of 11 teen pregnancies per month.

Think about what that number means. Those are 132 girls each year who attend church, yet don’t have a biblical worldview about their bodies and God’s plan for sex. They’ll face social stigma for decisions made in ignorance. And they’ll raise children while suffering from that social stigma. This is one of the many ways that poverty continues from generation to generation.

That’s why 53 FCPs are boldly creating a Bible-based sex ed program. The program has three goals:

  1. Train and educate 212 youth about biblical sexual ethics, sexual health and health services.
  2. Help 106 Compassion staff and volunteers teach Bible-based sex ed classes.
  3. Set up peer support groups that provide counselling and biblical wisdom for young people.

But the project needs your generosity. The curriculum requires $49,431 for creation, training and implementation. Will you bless these children with a Christian worldview about their bodies and God’s plan for sex?



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