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Give Families Income From Raising Pigs

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Will you bless 235 households with a potential path out of poverty?

When you think about releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name, pigs probably don't come to mind. But our church partners in Rwanda have found that they change lives for poor families.

That’s because pigs are relatively easy animals to raise and sell. Plus, pig manure is a high-quality fertilizer for raising crops.

And in a country where food insecurity stunts 33% of children’s growth, those pigs are a godsend.

So what does this look like? Our church partners will help families build a pig pen. Next, the churches will distribute veterinary-tested female piglets to each household. Compassion staff and local officials will instruct the participants in the best pig-raising practices.

We seek to raise these families’ incomes above the poverty line, which is $2.15 per day. That will give these families access to credit and savings associations to help them overcome poverty.

The total cost of this program is $81,186.66. That means the total cost per child is $345.48.

Will you give families the capital they need to start their pig raising businesses? This gift alone could be what releases these children from poverty in Jesus’ name.



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