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Build Bathrooms for Churches in Ecuador

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Twelve local churches need your help to give children the hygiene and health they deserve.

Parasites and intestinal diseases harm millions of children in Ecuador. Even as poverty declines, these diseases still infect and even kill young children.

Part of that is because they lack the hygiene habits that could stop these illnesses.

But above all, rural communities lack clean water and functional bathrooms.

“Water is a big problem,” says Pastor Medardo Lugo. “We have piped water, but the quality is very bad. Anyone who drinks it is ensuring serious health problems.”

That’s why these churches asked for help. They seek to build 12 bathrooms, one for each church. Two of the churches also plan to build water treatment systems.

That means 2,126 children will have access to the churches’ bathrooms and clean water.

Our partners need to raise $86,883.88 to build these bathrooms and water treatment systems, or $7,758.33 per church.

Will you bless these children and communities with relief from parasites and illness?



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