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Fund Kidney Transplant for Musa

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Help an 11-year-old boy afford a lifesaving kidney transplant.

Musa is a middle child. He lives with his five siblings and widowed mother in a three-room house walled with mud and sticks. The house is orderly and warm, a heroic feat for a family of six with a working single mom!

And more than that, Musa was thriving at Iskon Private School.

Well, until the illness.

It started in April 2020. The hospital discharged him and put on him medication, but his health never recovered. They later diagnosed him with chronic nephrotic syndrome that caused acute kidney failure. Only a kidney transplant can offer him lasting health.

Musa’s uncle came forward as a donor in May 2022. It’s been over a year since then, yet still no lifesaving surgery.

Why? Because Musa’s family can’t afford the operation.

They’re still $57,604.77 short after help from the government and their local church.

Time is of the essence. He’s been on dialysis for almost two years. The sooner he gets surgery, the better. Will you donate to saving this young man’s life?



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