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Feeding the 5,000

Join us on April 1, 2023



Worrying when and where I’ll receive my next bite or sip, let alone the bigger fear I carry for that of my hungry children, constantly weighs on my heart. These days, the meals are becoming fewer and further between.” – Mother of a Compassion sponsored child in Sri Lanka.

This is reality for many who struggle daily against the devastation of the global food crisis. Over 900 million children and families around the world can’t feed themselves daily.

It’s hard to know where to start. How can we help?

And then I remember: Jesus fed 5,000. Let’s start there.

Will you use your voice to help?

When we come together, we can fight this crisis and save the lives of so many hungry children and families. As Compassion stewards donated funds to feed those in need, we need advocates like you to call friends and family to join the cause.

To coincide with World Hunger Day on May 28, the Compassion family aims to raise $250,000, enough to purchase food packs to feed 5,000 families, just as Jesus fed 5,000. Each $50 donation delivers one food pack to feed a family for up to a month.

With every donation, with every person you inspire to join the cause, you are fighting hunger with hope.

Create your own fundraiser now.

1. START your World Hunger Day fundraiser now!

2. SET a personal goal for how much you’d like to raise ($250, $500, $1000+).

3. SHARE your fundraiser with friends and family and on social media. Use your powerful voice to speak up for those too hungry to speak.


One generous act provides hope — and hope changes lives forever.

Hope fights hunger.

Get The Word Out