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Agroecology Training & Income Generation

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Students in Brazil Attend Agroecology Training!

In July 2023, Compassion presented supporters with an opportunity to support two of our partnering churches in Brazil who had 25 young adults who were hoping to participate in training focused on agriculture, which would allow them to generate their own income and help increase their chances of sustaining financial security for their futures.

Because of the generosity of so many donors, we were able to fully fund this initiative in Brazil, which made it possible for this income generation training to take place! One Brazilian partner has provided us with an update on this work. They report:

"So far, we have selected all our students. They are between the ages of 16 and 22, and are all experiencing social and economic vulnerability. We have also hired important staff for this work, including professors and an administrator.

The students have minimal experience with agriculture, and this education and experience will provide them with security in their futures. They attend class form 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., and we are able to provide them with two meals a day. Students love their courses, and we have virtually no absences."

Agroecology is all about sustainable farming. The training consists of both practical and theoretical classes. As one professor put it:

“By understanding that caring for creation is a spiritual act, participants begin to perceive the synergy of agroecology with the Kingdom's proposal. The participants' surprise was impressive when they realized that God loves the world and everything in it, and for this reason he gave his only son, to restore all things in it, and that we, as his children and good stewards, must take care of it.”

This is a long-term project, meaning that our Brazilian brothers and sisters will continue this work until December 2024.

Thank you to all our generous donors who made this possible. We ask for continued prayers for these students and our amazing partners in Brazil.

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Participants carry out group work of tilling soil and planting seeds.

Participants who have been enrolled in the agroecology course.

Participants and instructors gather for seminars as the course begins.