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Small Farms at Home

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Small Farms are Growing in Colombia!

In July 2023, Compassion presented supporters with an opportunity to assist families in Colombia who were facing increasing hunger during the ongoing Global Food Crisis.

Because of generous donations, 210 families are participating in an ongoing project to provide them with everything they need to start an at-home garden and small farm. First, they are attending classes to learn farming techniques, build a business plan and improve their living conditions. Next, participants are provided with essential gardening elements like planter boxes, soil, shovels, fertilizer, pest management items and seeds, and essential items for chicken farming. Educators from the classes provide ongoing support for the participants as their businesses are established.

Despite a difficult time of violence in these communities, the churches have made the project a success for participants, families and the wider community. Because of security risks, some of the mothers and their children in this program had to flee their homes, which threatened their ability to participate in the course. Our frontline churches refused to let this happen, so they found a way to make sure those mothers could continue to participate. Instead of creating gardens at home, some participants are now cultivating community gardens at their local church.

Donations also helped provide essential staff, including the hiring of a Program Advisor and 18 agronomy professionals from the local university. This team implements the training, offers assistance to the families in the program and delivers supplies to mothers.

A 10-year-old participant named Samuel would like you to know: “I am one of the participants in this intervention. I feel very happy to be here. I enjoy taking care of the chickens and being aware of their food and everything they need to keep them healthy. My mom has taught me that with effort and dedication good goals can be achieved. I want to thank the people who are making this intervention possible. May God multiply them every day.”

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Participants receive technical training in the management of seeds and seedlings.

A member of the class plants and fertilizes seeds in her new home garden.

A mother and son show the box of baby chicks, the waterer, food and feeders that will help them begin a chicken hatchery.