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Bathrooms in Ethiopia

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New Bathrooms Build in Ethiopia!

In July 2023, Compassion introduced our supporters to four child development centers in Ethiopia that needed new bathrooms. Their existing toilet facilities were low quality, small and overused. The conditions were unhygienic and led to infections.

We asked for financial provision to build new bathrooms. Because of your generous giving, construction started quickly; two shower rooms and six bathrooms are now complete! The community also has access to a reliable, constant water supply. Now, 903 child participants and 1,762 adult church members will have access to clean, safe bathrooms.

The construction process included site clearing, excavation, creation of a dry pit latrine, building the structures and running plumbing lines. The final finishing work included installation of doors, toilet seats, shower heads, faucets and paint.

The project director said, “Thank you to the donors for their generous provision. It's evident that our project lacks a budget for constructing facilities, and the church is experiencing financial constraints. Both the church and our community will benefit. We sincerely wish God's blessings upon the Compassion ministry and the donors.”

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Students wash their hands in the new sinks.

Students line up to wash their hands outside the bathroom following a physical education class.

Completed construction of a shower house.