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Malaria Awareness & Prevention

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Malaria Prevention Items Provided in Ghana!

In July 2023, Compassion told our supporters about the endemic of malaria in Ghana. We asked our donors to financially support a malaria prevention and awareness campaign. This need was seen, and our donors acted with compassion, allowing an entire community in Ghana to receive tools to reduce malaria!

As part of these malaria reduction efforts, local health specialists provided education to parents and community members, explaining how to prevent malaria. Learning that mosquitos breed in stagnant water, these community members then went out into the community, removing trash and debris from ditches and any places that could cause stagnant water.

Buildings in the community were fumigated, including homes, classrooms and the local church. Program staff said that this greatly reduced the number of mosquitoes and that students can now attend class without being bitten, allowing them to focus on their studies. The local pastor said fumigating homes and buildings “gave us as a church a tremendous opportunity to reach out and share the gospel with chiefs and elders, opinion leaders and community members” as the work was performed.

Last but certainly not least, families were provided with mosquito nets!

Several children in this community would like to say thank you:

“Before this intervention, I used to get sick a lot from malaria because of mosquitoes that were around our home. Any time my mother took me to the doctor, we were told I had malaria because of the mosquitoes. When I was sick, I could not go to meetings at the center or school, which worried me. Also, at night, I could not sleep well because the mosquitoes made noise in my ears that kept me awake.”

“I am happy that since this intervention when our home and surroundings were cleaned and sprayed, I have not been ill and taken to the clinic. I thank God that because I don't fall sick again, my parents do not have to spend money to take me to the hospital, but they now use the money to take care of the family. Now, I attend classes held at the center regularly as well.”

“I would like to thank the sponsors for their ongoing efforts to help us and improve our welfare. It is good that they have shown kindness to us, and may God continue to open doors for them and give them good health.”

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Health professionals distribute mosquito nets and show parents how to properly hang the nets.

Workers fumigate the homes of the participants, killing the mosquitoes and larva that cause malaria.

Community members clear ditches of debris to reduce stagnant water that serves as mosquito breeding grounds.