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Bathrooms in Kenya

Toilets and Sinks Provide Safety and Sanitation in Kenya!

In July 2023, Compassion presented a need from seven of our church partners in Kenya. The bathrooms used by the children they serve were inadequate. With too few toilets, the children were waiting in long lines during precious school time, leading some of them to use nearby bushes instead.

We asked our supporters to financially back a project to build additional bathrooms. Because of the donations received, construction has begun! Workers were hired to build two buildings with 10 toilets and eight handwashing sinks.

The seven churches have expressed their gratitude, saying that this would not have been a reality on their limited resources. They said there is an enhanced ownership and enthusiasm in the local child development centers because staff can serve the children in a holistic way. By making sure bathrooms are sanitary and allow for handwashing and by easing congestion, all students now have access to safe bathroom breaks during school hours.

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The community gathers and children participate in breaking ground for the new facilities.

After the foundation was established, masons worked to construct walls.

The walls are up! Next steps include roofing, coating walls, doors and final plumbing fixtures.