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12 Communities in Bolivia Now Have Computer Labs at School!

In August 2023, leaders from 12 communities in Bolivia asked Compassion for assistance accessing technology. Computer access was seen as something reserved for university students, and 80% of Compassion participants did not have access to a computer or the internet. They requested a computer lab for each child development center, explaining that better access to technology would create an opportunity for a more robust education.

Because of generous Compassion donors, these 12 communities now have access to computer labs!

For some communities, existing space was repurposed for the computer lab. For others, they had to build new rooms onto existing buildings before supplies could be delivered. Knowing the value tech labs would bring to their students, community members supported these expansion efforts by selling baked goods, collecting donations and pitching in to do the construction work themselves.

Once each community had a dedicated space ready for the computer labs, the equipment was delivered and installed. Local Compassion staff held community meetings providing education on how to properly use and care for this new technology.

Students received instruction on using Microsoft, Google and Zoom, enhancing their ability to complete assignments with internet research. Teachers say they have seen an increase in the students’ academic performance since the computers allow for better research, easier collaboration and faster completion of assignments.

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Computers and desks are delivered, ready to be installed.

One of the 12 new technology labs. Each lab has 10 computers.

One community church held a special service of thanksgiving outside the computer lab, where they shared prayers of gratitude for this new access to technology.