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New Child Development Center

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Construction Underway for Child Development Center in Dominican Republic!

In August 2023, our partnering churches in the Dominican Republic let us know how badly they are struggling to find affordable, safe buildings to rent for child development centers. One of our church partners saved money and was able to purchase land but needed financial support for the construction of a new building. With high rates of poverty and a huge need for safe childcare, this need was growing increasingly urgent.

Because of the generosity of Compassion donors, construction is underway, and a new child development center is being built in the Dominican Republic! This new building will accommodate 251 children and 15 staff, and will include five classrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and an office.

Knowing this will have a monumentally positive impact on the community, Pastor Pedro said this was an emotional experience for him as he saw the construction begin. He said, “The beginning of this construction was the answer to the prayers and sacrifice of more than 15 years, it was a time of great joy and thanksgiving to the Lord.”

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An aerial view of the property purchased by the local DR church.

Pastor Pedro is present during the building’s construction.

Construction continues, and the church prepares for the opening of the new child development center.