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Literacy and Numeracy

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Teenagers Who Didn’t Attend Elementary School Enrolled in Tutoring Program!

In August 2023, Compassion reached out to our supporters and asked them to help with an intervention aimed at bridging the educational gap, helping students catch up to grade level in reading and math.

Elementary education is in crisis in Brazil. For first graders living in the most vulnerable situations, school attendance is neglected. Students who skip early grades often find themselves too far behind to catch up without significant intervention. This leads to high dropout rates and high rates of illiteracy. Economic and social opportunities for these young people are becoming even more restricted, reinforcing the cycle of poverty.

Because of generous donations received, 340 students were enrolled in a specialized tutoring program. Since then, 80% of the students have shown significant progress in their reading, writing and mathematic skills.

These students are learning through playful games that inspire their participation, such as comic books, storytelling, letter bingo, shared reading and memory games. The teachers say they have seen teenagers commit themselves to learning for the first time, discovering that education can be fun, fulfilling and can boost their desire for self-improvement.

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An older participant reads a children’s story to his younger classmates.

Students play a game as part of a writing assignment.

A classroom of students stands with their teachers, ready to receive specialized tutoring to catch them up to their grade level.