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Laptops for Students

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Laptops Help University Students Continue Their Studies!

In August 2023, Compassion asked our donors to provide laptops to students in Uganda, enabling them to meet university standards and continue with their coursework.

One ongoing worldwide change following the pandemic is the use of technology for long-distance learning. The use of video conferencing became mandatory for university students in Uganda. Many universities began requiring that course work be submitted online instead of handwritten. What was intended to make learning more accessible became a hurdle for many Compassion participants who could not afford to purchase a laptop, making it a challenge for them to keep up with their university studies.

Because of your generosity, 80 students now have laptops and are continuing with their studies!

The laptops remain the property of Frontline Church Partners, ensuring the devices are properly maintained and kept safe from damage or theft. When these students complete their studies, others can use the devices for their own studies.

Since receiving their laptops, these university students say they are getting used to typing their notes instead of handwriting them. They say it has been beneficial to use the laptops to find research materials, and the online collaboration tools have made it easy to facilitate communication with peers and professors.

These students represent a variety of disciplines, including engineering, medicine, procurement, education, business administration, journalism and social work. Through access to secondary education, their skills are being strengthened, which will continue to benefit their communities for years to come.

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University student Sharon receives her laptop.

Students and their caregivers receive training on how to use, update and care for the technology.

Laptop distribution day! University students met at the local church partner to receive their new devices.